Sunday, November 7

Letter to My Person...

Dear Darlingest Jazzy Faye!

I misser you like no other!   You’re the bomb and I had massive amounts of fun commenting back and forth with you and Sar on FB tonight.

It brings back memories of Iming you from the Grill when we were at work.  About stupid things, like what was for dinner, and when the soccer players where going to be done.  I also miss having the fun of three days in one with you.

Back when I could stay up till 2 and get up at 730 with no real issue.  I’d have my nights with you, and my mornings with professors and breakfast. And the in between was all about the J O B.

 Now I have a whole different kind of routine.  Waking up and hoping that BB & Cat sleep through me getting ready so I don’t have to deal with crying.  Crying always breaks my heart.  You know that, not that I’m emotional or anything (like I’d cry for hours over a stupid CRUSH, who barely knew my name or anything)  I rush off to the JOB and when I get off, (sometimes I come straight home, like 4 nights a week).  And other days I go to the YMCA, for a little Zumba (PS- we’d totally have ROCKED Zumba’s world at Conco. Cause we’re awesome like that!)  Then I come home, and at home I don’t sit down for like the first 15 minutes. Cause that’s just not something I can do. Gotta check BB and Cat. Clean up whatever mess Cat created last. And see about some small snack for her before I even start to look at what’s for dinner.

And girl, let me tell you. Cooking is a whole other story now.  Cat is constantly trying to “heep me” with getting into the fridge, or stirring the food OUT of the bowl.  Not to mention making faces at herself in the oven, and shaking the salt EVERY where.

I can’t really imagine Thanksgiving this year.  Maybe she’ll really be into The Parade, so I won’t have to worry about her “helping” but I have a feeling everything maybe a little salty. Haha.

Here’s to me missing you Jazzy Faye!
All My Love!!!
♥♥♥Momma Resa

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  1. Our lives definitely change when we have kids and a family and it is harder and harder to have time to oneself. Good thing being a Mom is so great so you don't really mind most of the time.

  2. Always great to catch up with friends. This can be hard with children. Isn't it great that technology can keep us together when we are home at night and need to communicate with other adults.
    - a visiting SITStah

  3. I'm here through the Content is King tribe. I think you did a great job. This post feels sincere and has lots of energy. I am not familiar with your blog, so I don't know if it's different from how you usually write. Did it feel different?

    It felt like you were catching up with an old friend. I think blogs work best when we are true to our hearts. This one feels like it comes from your heart.

    Keep posting a link when you do the activity. I'll be back.